Frequently Asked Questions

We have carefully collected the most commonly asked questions about our services. Please learn more about ATX Pro Builders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we can also create an online folder for you to access to save you time! Once construction on your house has begun, site visits without a builder representative are not allowed. Many dangerous conditions exist on a construction site and to comply with insurance requirements we request that you refrain from visiting the site unaccompanied. After the house is framed, under roof and the trades have roughed-in their components, a pre-drywall walk-through is scheduled. You will be able to see the status of the home then and will be updated throughout!

Yes, you can make changes to your floor plan. We have always allowed our clients to customize our plans to meet their needs. However, all changes must be approved by us to ensure that they will meet site and structural requirements.

Renovation of a home or property means changes and updates were made to the property, but major structural changes did not take place. For example, painting the interior of a kitchen, replacing the faucet and appliances, and redoing the flooring would all fall under a renovation. However, if walls were moved and the space was expanded or changed, this would be called a remodel.

  • Renovation means “restore to a good state of repair.”
  • Remodel means “to change the structure or form of something.”
  • Construction involving renovation refers to “restoring” an existing structure, replacing the old with the new.

Simply Get in Touch! We encourage our customers to send us plans or designs, we love ideas, but keep in mind that we do supply in house architects to help you with your needs

Feel free to send us pictures or photographs of your ideas.

All you need is a desire to build something that’s truly unique and YOURS. We take care of the rest.